Apps for watch TV online: discover the 3 best!


We currently have a huge number of applications that are used daily to make our lives easier. There are apps that are used especially to provide important information, such as government programs , for example, but there are also apps that can help you watch TV wherever you are, be it college or even on the go.

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Apps are powerful tools and can even help you get jobs . However, it is also important to highlight that the Internet is also a great means of entertainment, and as we already know, watch tv is one of the most interesting ways to consume entertainment, whether watching football or a series.

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So, we’re going to bring you a list of apps so you can watch TV online without even needing a television set. We highlight that some apps on the list are free, however, some charge a subscription so that you can follow the content that is broadcast on their schedule. I hope you enjoy!

Apps to watch TV online

There is a huge variety of applications that are available on platforms that make these apps available for download, such as Google Play Store (app store for devices with the Android operating system) and App Store (app store for devices with iOS, the famous iPhones).

In today’s article, we’re going to talk about some applications that were developed especially so that their users can watch TV online however they want and from wherever they want. This way, we will bring you some great options that will be available precisely in the app stores mentioned above.

Pluto TV

It’s impossible to talk about apps for watch tv online without talking about Pluto TV . After all, this application is one of the great references when it comes to the quality of free streaming applications. To tell the truth, there are a wide variety of companies that charge monthly fees that cannot even have the same quality as Pluto TV.

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Pluto TV offers a huge number of advantages. After all, we know that entertainment is not limited to action, comedy or even horror. These platforms need to have a large collection of content so that they can retain their users for a long time.

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This platform has precisely this point as one of its main differentiators, as you will find quality content at different points. For example, you may be able to find news about government programs through the newspapers available on Pluto TV, and you may also be able to watch movies.

We can also highlight as one of the main differences the fact that it is really a platform for you to watch TV online, as you can opt for the traditional streaming format, but you can also prefer to use the traditional television format. In other words, choosing a channel and consuming what’s on it.

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Apart from this point that really deserves to be highlighted, let’s praise the fact that Pluto TV has a truly rich catalog of exciting content. This way, you can be sure that you will be able to find incredible series, films and even anime to enjoy. All these advantages without paying for it .

If you are interested in Pluto TV as your official platform for watch tv online over the Internet, you can download the app through the Google Play Store, if you are an Android user , or through the App Store, if you are an Android user. iPhone .


We have already mentioned that HBO Max does not have the main feature of Pluto TV: being free. However, we know that platforms have their own qualities and we can’t help but talk about HBO Max when it comes to platforms for watch tv online through your cell phone .

It’s worth remembering that HBO Max is a streaming platform from the company Warner Bros. , so our main logic will be: this platform is the main way to find content from Warner Bros., which is a huge advantage. This company owns some of the most incredible content in entertainment, so it’s definitely worth it.

Furthermore, just the “HBO” brand in the name has already managed to win over many people, considering that several incredible programs carry the seal of this company, such as Euphoria and Game of Thrones (as well as its spin-off).

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Furthermore, we know that competition from streaming platforms is increasingly difficult. Therefore, HBO Max is doing its best to become a platform that can actually deliver good series and good movies, as well as amazing TV shows. Therefore, it is classified as a great alternative for entertainment lovers.

So, if you want to use HBO Max as your alternative to watch tv online, know that you can download the app on your Android device through the Google Play Store , or on your iPhone through the App Store .

Apple TV+

Apple TV+ is Apple ‘s original content streaming platform , offering a wide range of exclusive series, films and documentaries. It’s an excellent choice for anyone who wants to access programs produced by Apple. Here are some key points:

This platform offers an extensive catalog of original content, including award-winning series such as ” The Morning Show ” and ” Ted Lasso “, as well as exclusive films. The platform is accessible on a variety of devices, such as iPhones, iPads, Apple TVs and Macs, allowing viewers to watch their favorite shows wherever they are.

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A monthly subscription is required to access the service, with plan options available. Apple TV+ continues to invest in producing new content, ensuring there is always something new and exciting to watch.

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Production quality is a distinguishing feature, with high-quality scripts, direction, and standout performances. The platform often offers free trial periods for new subscribers, allowing people to try out the service before making a commitment.

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This article was intended to bring our readers some great options about apps for watch tv online. So I hope you were able to find the app that best fits your TV watching needs. If you liked it, take the opportunity to consume our other materials.


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